Partner Software
Remote Summer Training Camp
July 21st – 23rd

In response to the feedback we have received from our Ask the Expert Sessions, as well as the numerous requests for additional training services offerings, Partner Software is pleased to announce our next training event, the Partner Software Remote Summer Training Camp.
This 3-day training event will consist of 3 different tracks focused on the topics that you, our clients, would like us to cover in more detail. The class sessions will run July 21st to July 23rd from 10AM EST to 3PM EST, with a lunch break from 12PM to 1PM.
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Partner Software Summer Training Classes

Mastering the Map Publisher

From the basics of using the Control Panel to high-level map configuration, our classes on the Map Publisher will cover a wide array of topics, transforming novice users to experts.

Field Design Refined

Courses included here will focus on not only Field Design itself, but how it is customized and tailored to the needs of utilities in an effort to streamline operations processes related to system design and maintenance.

Inspection Introspection

With focus on Distribution Inspection, Vegetation Management, and Damage Assessment, these sessions aim to have you thinking about how to make better usage of these inspection solutions.

Pricing Information

Single Attendance – all three days


Attendees can attend all three days in a specific area, or transition from one track to another of their choosing.

Single Attendance – per day attendance


As the Map Publisher and Field Design tracks will progress from simple to complex concepts, and the Inspection track will cover a variety of products, this option is provided for those users who wish to attend only a specific session or two to better accommodate their individual needs.

Full Utility Attendance

Contact Liz Smith for details! 800.964.1833 x 2546

Utilities can purchase unlimited access to specific tracks as desired, allowing multiple employees to attend sessions for a greatly reduced fee.

As a reminder, the class sessions will run July 21st to July 23rd from 10AM EST to 3PM EST, with a lunch break from 12PM to 1PM. We hope to see you there!