Partner Mobile

Partner Mobile offers two applications, Partner Maps and Partner Next. Both are now available from the App Store for iPad®, iPhone® and iPod touch® devices.

Partner Mobile gives you full access to your maps and data without an Internet connection. Move through your maps using Multi-Touch™ gestures on the Apple® touch screen. Get information by selecting an item on the map or search for an item’s location and information with the Find feature. Create an Edition (a collection of maps and data) tailored to a group or department. Customize your map view by turning mapsets on and off. See your location in your Partner Viewer or find a route to a Viewer item in the iOS-provided Maps app. Get software updates from the Apple App Store℠ and get changes to your map through the Internet from Partner’s secure server.


The essential point of difference between the two apps is how often each feature set changes. Partner Next changes often, while Partner Maps changes rarely.

All new development happens in Partner Next. Each release incorporates new dynamic features for the iOS platform that work alongside Mobile Outage and Distribution Inspection. However, Partner Next is not a beta application. All features and changes in the Next app go through full design, development, testing, and release cycles. Products and new technologies created for mobile appear first in Partner Next. Expect more frequent updates as new features and technologies will first be implemented here.


For the near future, changes to Partner Maps only address bug fixes as needed; its features are unvarying and its functionality constant. Eventually, Partner Next features will migrate to Partner Maps, but changes to Partner Maps take place less often and at longer intervals than occurs with Partner Next.

Converting and Updating Your Map for Partner Mobile

Once you’ve purchased your Partner Mobile license, download Partner Maps or Partner Next from the App Store. Use Map Publisher to convert your Partner Viewer to the Partner Mobile format and upload it to Partner’s secure server. From your Partner Mobile app, download your converted Partner Viewer to your iOS device via the Internet. Update your Partner Mobile map when your organization’s map changes.

Partner Maps Offers

Partner - Partner Mobile Icon 1 - Adjustable Display [8.11.17]

Adjustable Display


Show or hide individual mapsets or imagery


Return to your map position, zoom level and mapset visibility selections at your future app session


Adjust your maps for low light viewing or to enlarge map text and icons

Accessible Map Data


Tailor map (Editions) for different types of users


Select and Find map items


Access map item data from multiple map sources

Partner - Partner Mobile Icon 2 - Accessible Map Data [8.11.17]
Partner - Partner Mobile Icon 3 - Seamless Updates [8.11.17]

Seamless Updates


Update your software from Apple’s App Store®, free of charge


Update your map from Partner’s secure server via the Internet


Save your map update credentials

Intuitive Tracking


Show your location and track your movement


Easily access the Follow and Current Location actions via the Quick bar


Choose a route from your location to a selected Partner map item using the iOS-provided Maps app

Partner - Partner Mobile Icon 4 - Intuitive Tracking [8.11.17]

In addition to the above, Partner Next allows you to:

Access the new design for map data selection and finds

Trace your electrical connectivity network

Use Mobile Outage on an iOS device

MO license & Partner Complete Platform required

Use Distribution Inspection on an iOS device

DI license & Partner Complete Platform required

Try Partner Mobile

Internet connection required

  1. Download The App – Download Partner Maps or Partner Next from the App Store to your iOS device and launch the app. An Apple® ID is required.
  2. Install the app – Follow the directions within the app to install a demo map


Terms of Use


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