Mobile Outage

Partner’s Mobile Outage Application provides constant and accurate outage information between field crews, your OMS center, and other necessary staff.

Integrating with your Outage Management System (OMS), Mobile Outage provides real-time outage information in a convenient, geographical display within Partner Viewer. Connectivity is required, but offline record edits are cached until a connection is found, allowing you to use Mobile Outage’s disconnected features no matter where you are.


All OMS-Predicted outage information is viewable in the Mobile Outage application. Outage data becomes editable by a specific person or crew from crew assignments on the OMS side, allowing for field input of outage status, cause codes, weather conditions, comments and outage restoration. The ability to close the outage is then determined by your OMS operator.


Outage start times originate in your OMS while restoration times are accurately provided from the field when they happen. Together, your OMS and Mobile Outage provide more efficient dispatching, quicker restorations, and better outage event data during and after the outage has been resolved.

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