2018 Spring Training


Schedule and Class Descriptions


Partner Software’s 2018 Spring Training will be held on March 20-22, 2018, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Classic City Hilton Garden Inn in Athens, Georgia. Most of the classes do not have prerequisite requirements. The ones that require prerequisites have those requirements in the class descriptions.

February 1 – March 22, 2017, pay $750 per class.

2018 Spring Training Schedule
TRACK Tue March 20 Wed March 21 Thurs March 22
FIELD DESIGN Field Design I Field Design II Advanced Field Design
MAP Publisher Map Publisher Map Publisher Advanced
MODULE Distribution Inspection Vegetation Management
BONUS Field Design Configuration Manager Field Design Job Management Workshop Asteri GNS 101 and UtiliPad Training with Tri-Global
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Class Descriptions:


Tuesday: Field Design – Learn the basics of the Partner Map Viewer and the core functions of Partner Field Design such as job creation and how to properly design in Partner FD.


Wednesday: Field Design Part 2 – Day two of Partner Field Design training focuses on FD features and functionality such as Manage Alternatives, Job Attachments and Staking with GPS.


Thursday: Advanced Field Design – Attendees will work through complex excercises and drills designed to answer specific questions that have arisen from their experiences with Partner. *Class requirements: a laptop with a copy of your utility’s current viewer.



Tuesday – Wednesday: Map Publisher – This course explores the configuration and maintenance of maps and data using the Map Publisher. This training expands student knowledge and use of the software including configuring and maintaining the Map Publisher. New features will be covered such as the improved legend editor and the Mapset Manager.


Thursday: Advanced Map Publisher – Practice makes perfect! This advanced course will provide a limited medium to make changes to a copy of your current Map Publisher. With the assistance of Partner technicians, students will get an opportunity to employ some skills learned in the Map Publisher course (time permitting) and have the opportunity to observe other peers as they make changes.


*Class requirements: a laptop with a copy of your utility’s current Map Publisher and 3 utility-desired changes to the production Map Publisher.



Tuesday: Distribution Inspection – Identify techniques to speed up your inspections. Learn the best practices for inspecting and filtering to quickly, efficiently and easily access your data. Attendees will come away from this session with a new respect for the Filter Table and how to track data and spot trends across thousands of inspections.


Wednesday: Vegetation Management – Make sense of your utility’s specific cycles for spraying chemical, clearing feeders or hitting hot spots conveniently in the Partner Map Viewer. Learn different methods of mapping vegetation to create an effective vegetation cycle. Master filter table techniques so that providing reports is a breeze.



Tuesday: Partner FIeld Design Configuration Manager – Learn to get the most out of Field Design’s Job Management on Partner Web with lots of back-of-house features. Attendees will learn how to create Partner Web users and groups, assign jobs, set permissions, and many other management functions. The class reviews the web-based Configuration Manager that controls form functionality in the Field Design and Job Management systems. Additional topics covered include creating header fields and job information tabs, creating and updating unit and material data, the filter tree, and cost estimate data.


Wednesday: Field Design Workshop – This session will expand on the information learned during the Configuration Manager workshop. Learn how to diagram your utility’s workflow, and then transfer this into the Partner Web database queries and permission controls needed to track a work order from creation to close-out. The class will work through a sample workflow and queries, and discuss specific workflow scenarios from sample data and real-world examples, including integrated accounting and inventory management systems. All classroom materials (computer, handouts, etc.) will be provided.


Thursday: Asteri GNSS 101 and UtiliPad Training with Tri-Global – This course will cover the brand new Asteri Global Navigation Satellite Systems product line. Learn about the latest innovations in GNSS and how to use it directly into Partner Field Design or Tri-Global UtiliPad. The course will cover Differential GNSS, Real-Time Network corrections through NTRIP services, and even new PPP satellite services. Additionally, we will review, usage and maintenance of the Asteri line. Later in the morning, learn the basics of utilizing UtiliPad for collection of Partner Staking information and discover tips and tricks for importing into Field Design (Including the new direct UtiliPad integration).

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