Ask The Expert – Inspections April 2020

April 23 – 10AM and 3PM EST

The Direction With Inspection

– Led by James Bowdler

With our inspection products, you have the ability to collect a wealth of information. However, questions still remain: What can we do with this data once we have captured it? What’s the best way to track, display, and utilize that information once we have it in Partner?

These questions along with many more will be addressed in our next Ask The Expert Session with Product Manager James Bowdler. He will focus his attention on the utilization of the Filter Table, a robust tool that is utilized with all of our inspection products.

James will be hosting sessions on April 23, at 10 AM and 3 PM.

We will be using Webex for our webinars. To participate, please click on the hyperlink and follow the system prompts.  If you have never used Webex in the past, the system will install an application at startup, so please make sure you are installing onto a machine with which you have administrative permissions.

You have the option of connecting using your computer’s audio or you can use the phone number provided to call in for audio with the credentials provided below.  Regardless of the methodology used to connect, please mute your audio source once you have connected to avoid the creation of a feedback loop.

The following links are what will be needed to connect into our Ask The Expert Sessions, which will be conducted at 10 AM ET and 3 PM ET on Thursday, April 23. As a reminder, there is no advance registration required to join any of these hour-long repeating sessions.

Thursday, April 23 – 10 AM Eastern Standard Time – 1 hr session

Meeting Number (access code) : 797 866 734

Meeting Password: HxnK6MU4

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Thursday, April 23 – 3 PM Eastern Standard Time – 1 hr session

Meeting Number (access code) : 792 977 081

Meeting Password: eKZQcVdP

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Happy to help.

We hope you will join us for this webinar and the ones to come. I believe this should all be pretty self-explanatory, but should you have any issues with connecting or have any further questions, please contact Customer Support.