Ask An Expert – March 9 and March 11

4.30 – Map Notes and Global Map Viewer

– Led by Sharim Khan and James Bowdler

Start the year off right, join us for our Ask An Expert Sessions! These sessions will showcase two brand new tools, Map Notes and Global Map View, that are part of the newest Partner 4.30 upgrade.

Our aim during these Ask An Expert sessions will be to demonstrate what capabilities these new tools have and what they can add to your Partner system.  Even if you have not completed the upgrade process, please join us for these sessions!

We invite you to join Sharim and James as they show the benefits of using Map Notes and Global Map View across all aspects of Partner Software.

Map Notes takes your Map Viewer to new levels as a data collection platform and complements our existing Inspection and Staking solutions by providing lightweight and rapid data collection for situations not needing an extensive workflow. Mark up your map with comments, map correction requests, customer notes, environmental issues, repair requests, contractor proof of work, and whatever your utility needs, and have it synchronize across your organization on Desktop and iOS. 

To complement this massive data collection tool, we introduced Global Map View. Global Map View takes an existing tool known as the Filter Table and adds the ability to quickly query, count, analyze, report, and jump to points on your published map data. Quickly find a list of consumers by feeder, identify poles with missing tags, identify how many work orders are done in a given county, and much more.

Sharim and James will be hosting these sessions on Tuesday, March 9, at 2 PM, and Thursday, March 11, at 2 PM ESTSo come see how these tools will greatly enhance your Partner Software investment.

Contact us at for links to the sessions or to get your 4.30 Partner Hub upgrade started!