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Partner Software develops field applications for the utility industry. Our products incorporate maps, data, and your organization’s workflow to make work easier. We integrate with most utility mapping, accounting, and outage software packages.



Partner Software originated within Exploration Resources, a computing and environmental monitoring services company. The Partner group developed a map viewer able to integrate maps from multiple vendors into a seamless single-scale display. In 1997, Partner Software began selling its Map Viewer. Our first customer, GreyStone Power Corporation, also became our co-developer for “Staking Partner”, the initial field tool operating within our unified Map Viewer.


From these humble beginnings, the Partner map viewer evolved into a platform for map-based applications of all kinds. As an enterprise-class product, it now integrates with applications from other vendors including connectivity modeling, billing and customer service, outage management, engineering, and many others. Created for viewing different map file formats simultaneously, the Map Viewer now provides a simple, unified interface for a sophisticated suite of software.


Now more than 190 utilities that provide power to more than 4.9 million customers use Partner Software.

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